Fruit SA is committed to industry transformation, which encompasses economic development in agriculture based on a value chain approach. The organisation is equally committed to addressing socio-economic imbalances and challenges in partnership with the public sector. This stance permeates Fruit SA’s various associations, which have their own tailor-made transformation strategies and implementation plans.


Citrus Academy

The Citrus Academy was established at the beginning of 2005, primarily to create an enabling environment for skills development in the SA citrus industry. Read more


Citrus Growers Association Grower Development Company

The Citrus Growers’ Association of Southern Africa (CGA) established its Grower Development Company (the CGA-GDC) in 2016 as a demonstration of its commitment to transformation. This non-profit company is focussed on making a significant impact in the transformation of the citrus industry by addressing the challenges faced by black growers. Read more


Deciduous Fruit Development Chamber

The Deciduous Fruit Development Chamber (DFDC-SA) was created in November 2007, to create inclusivity for black farmers throughout the deciduous fruit industry value chain. The DFDC-SA has a high level mandate of doubling the industry capacity by 2050 through a transformation agenda. Read more


Fresh Produce Exporters Forum

Transformation is a key focus area of the Fresh Produce Exporters Forum (FPEF), which believes in the effective transformation of the fresh produce export sector. It’s vital for the sustainable future of the industry and FPEF. Read more


SA Table Grape Industry

The South African Table Grape Industry (SATI) believes in creating equal opportunities for black agriculturists and entrepreneurs, to participate as owners, co-owners, managers and professionals to share in the economic benefits of the table grape industry. Read more


SA Subtropical Growers’ Association

The South African Subtropical Growers’ Association (Subtrop) runs several transformation initiatives, including training of government extension officers, organisation of grower study groups, bursaries and the Subtrop Transformation Summit. Read more

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