Fruit SA Market Development

By Dr Mono Mashaba, Specialist Consultant: Market Development

Avocados bring more good news – February 2024

Market access continues to be a key industry focus, with the goal of retaiingn and optimising current markets and to access new ones.

This year the news about South African avocados gaining access into Japan was met with great excitement in the industry. This follows our avocados getting the green light from China last year.

Adhering to good agricultural practices that include orchard sanitation and an effective integrated pest management system, our growers can ensure that avocados are produced in conditions that meet Japanese import requirements. May our ports be ready, with strengthened infrastructure and efficiency, when the first shipment is sent off to Japan later this year.

Staying in Asia, India has already agreed to the export protocol for South African avocados. Therefore, their published WTO notification confirming its planned permission for the import of South African avocados, is also heartening. We celebrate with our colleagues in the avocado sector of the industry on these milestones.